West Clare Hub

The West Clare Hub website is the result of the hard work and dedication of the staff and students of West Clare VTOS. The function of this website is get as many people back to work as possible. Local employees with a variety of skills were waiting for the opportunity to show what they had to offer, all they needed was a platform to showcase themselves and their talents. This website is that showcase.

All of the profiles displayed on this website are from the group of learners in West Clare VTOS. Each is presented in the hope that Employers will see the untapped resources available on their doorstep. We at The Hub hope that we can act as a conduit for both employers looking for staff, whether part- or full-time, permanent or casual, and for the learners themselves looking for work upon completion of their training or a position to complement their on-going courses.

Profiles have been created using information supplied by each individual, West Clare VTOS is not responsible for any errors or inaccuracies contained therein. All information was taken in good faith and references for each individual are available on request from the individual themselves.

This project is the work of the staff and students at West Clare VTOS.


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